My teeth are now perfect, they are truly remarkable. Thank you.

Mrs White, Surrey

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Here at Cedar Dental in Sutton, we understand the importance of a naturally beautiful smile and the increased self-esteem and social confidence that Orthodontic brace solutions (dental braces) can give you. Our Orthodontist have the solution to overcrowding, gaps and crooked teeth. They are able to realign the teeth using invisible and cosmetically pleasing teeth braces into the ideal position to give you the natural perfect smile you wish for.

We offer a friendly, relaxed, but professional service and our client's outstanding results are testimony to our orthodontic training and experience.

It may help to know that nearly a million people in the UK commence orthodontic treatment each year and that well known celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Tom Cruise and Holly Willoughby have all had orthodontic dentistry treatment and orthodontic braces.

Orthodontic dentistry involves the realignment of the teeth using specialist treatments to solve problems such as overlapping, overcrowded teeth and gaps by repositioning and realigning the teeth into the most suitable position to complement your facial features and smile. This realignment treatment can eradicate the problem of overcrowded teeth, gaps and overlapping.

Conventionally, orthodontics involved the use of metal wires weaved into orthodontic brackets. These teeth 'braces' or 'retainers' were also known as 'train track braces'. At Cedar Dental, in Sutton, we offer the most recent treatments using clear and invisible dental brace treatments. These affordable new treatments can avoid the embarrassment and stigma of the old fashioned braces. A number of clients were previously not aware of the invisible braces to realign teeth and people frequently find them an infinitely more socially acceptable way to correct teeth.

A complete assessment would need to be done, this usually includes X-Rays to plan your orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic dentistry will be a gradual but progressive process to achieve the best cosmetic results and make eating comfortable. People often perceive physical attractiveness as associated with smiling with confidence. A  healthy and natural smile is seen socially as a very important way to convey emotions such as happiness and amusement.

We offer invisible clear orthodontic solutions (STB Social 6, Simpli5, Clear Step, Invisalign, and Inman Aligner) giving solutions to adults and children from minor cosmetic readjustments to more complex and challenging realignment. Dependant on the complexity of treatment these options can take different amounts of time to achieve results.

We are able to offer a Free Consultation at our Cedar Dental Surgery in Sutton, to give help and advice for you to make a well informed decision as to the best treatment for you. We also have various payment plans and schemes we can offer.

Boris Atlas, our orthodontic dentist, is devoted to orthodontic dentistry working with modern cosmetically aesthetic technologies to achieve outstanding results. Paralleling his professional experience and knowledge is his reputation for the relaxed, friendly and caring service he offers, providing reassurance to clients about treatment plans. His skills include general to aesthetic dentistry, as well as facial aesthetics such as line and wrinkle correction. He is part of the British Dental Association and an associate of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.



Meet the dentist: Boris Atlas

*Boris Atlas is committed to combining his qualifications in orthodontic dentistry, with innovative cosmetic technologies and his professional expertise achieving exceptional results.* Complementing his professional experience and knowledge, he has a reputation for the friendly and relaxed service he provides, assuring clients about treatment options in... more

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